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Safe Performance

We strive to set the bench mark for which others can measure. Our primary goal is to achieve a safety record unmatched by others in the industry. This is achieved through our aggressive safety program & our comprehensive training procedures.

Truck Crane Rental employs a full time Safety director & utilizes outside consultants for safety audits and training. To maintain our high level of standards, we utilize the following tools to meet our safety goals.

  • New hire training & safety orientation

  • Employee training: inspection maintenance & training

  • Zero tolerance drug & alcohol policy

  • Pre employment, post accident and random drug testing

  • Safety incentive program

  • Independent Risk Management Consultant

  • Haz-Com training program

  • Computer generated lift plans

  • Job Hazard Analysis

  • C.C.O. Certified union crane operators

  • Frequent field safety inspections

  • 3rd party annual equipment inspection 

Truck Crane Rental's commitment to safety is from start to finish, through job hazard analysis to site specific safety plans.

Our safety team will assist you in meeting your project goals.

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